Friday, 10 July 2015

More tales from the laundry!

Been absent for too long - apologies! There's been lots going on including my giving a talk to an embroidery workshop in Diss in Norfolk last week. A really interesting couple of days with a delightful group of creative ladies.

Whilst there we popped into the local auction house and of course there was a box of linens to be bid on and I was pleased to win the lot and bring it back to London with me!

Well at least I was pleased until I began to unpack the box!! The condition of some of the pieces was pretty bad, lots of pale brown mould and I honestly didn't think I could remove it.

I hadn't seen this type of marking before but lo and behold a good overnight soak and several cloths and a wonderful petticoat flounce were sparkling white again, plus lots of beautiful sets of Madeira stitched coasters. 

One of the worst pieces was a gorgeous cutwork cloth. I was so keen to get working on it that I forgot to take a "Before" pic, but it was covered in the same brown mould as shown above. A friend dropped in that day and insisted on taking a picture of me admiring my handiwork!! I must say I was pleased with the final result!

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