Sunday, 17 May 2015

Spools and skeins! Fabulous vintage threads......

This past week has been one of threads and spools, skeins and yarn, reels and floss.....some from the late 1800s, some from the 1920s and lots from the 1960s. 

First came a complete box of Barbour's Linen thread, 10 untouched spools still in their glassine paper wrappers. The label describes them as suture thread and surgeons all over the world extolled the virtues of this particular product! 

This lovely warm cream colour could be used for all sorts of wonderful projects, not just for medical purposes!!

Then the postman delivered a wonderful cardboard box laden with more fabulous linen thread, this time embroidery floss in all manner of beautiful colours. Some from W & J Knox of Kilbernie in Ayrshire and most from a long closed warehouse in Sweden.

Beautiful colours of pure linen with a lovely soft lustre and in a fabulous choice of shades. It makes me wish I was an embroiderer! 

And finally three paper wrapped packages each containing 12 spools made by J & P Coats in the late 1800s, still tied up with string and containing beautiful wooden reels of thread, 2 lots have the most amazing glacé finish to them and the label describes them as glove thread. They are so tiny, just a bit bigger than a thimble!

On their website timeline Coats show a packet almost the same as this which dates from the 1830s! These ones are definitely later as the advertising medallions on the front make mention of prizes won at exhibitions in Paris in 1855 and London in 1862! Quite remarkable that these packages have survived so well and they will make a fabulous addition to an antique haberdashery collection.

So that has been the "thread" of my week, if you'll pardon the pun!
I am hoping that these will all find good homes in the coming weeks as they make their way onto the shop shelves. Some are there already, so have a look if you'd like to see more images.


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