Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A world of linens enthusiasts.

Since I started my shop on Etsy I have watched with wonder at the variety of countries from which people are viewing my linens.

To date people in 61 countries have had a look, from Norway to New Zealand, Martinique to Moldova, Croatia to Chile! A love of linen unites enthusiasts from just about every corner of the globe it seems!

It is so encouraging to know that my passion is shared by like-minded people here, there and everywhere!

The word "passion" is a bit overworked these days, but I really do love nothing better than seeking out lovely examples of Irish linen which have been so skilfully woven, embroidered or crocheted. Whether it is a doilie with painstakingly stitched eyelets, drawn threadwork and tiny embroidered flowers 

or a cloth with bold colours and exquisite cutwork, 


it is a delight to see and appreciate the hours of work it would have taken to make these heirloom pieces.

Sadly many of the skills used to embellish linens have gradually died out as fashion changed and people looked for more "easycare" textiles for the home.  It is such a pity that many of the textiles I find have been discarded by a generation that no longer wants to bother with caring for them.  Yes, linen does take a little more looking after, but it can bring such life to a table setting, I really think it is worth the effort.

I am so pleased to know I am not the only one who thinks so!

So as the number of viewings passes the 3000 mark, I am looking forward to many more happy days searching out great items to share with my cosmopolitan followers!

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