Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Limited Edition Rainbow Damask

 Happy New Year to everyone!

I've had a wonderful response to my Revived Damask vintage napkins and tablecloths. It isn't always easy to find vintage pieces that are suitable or appropriate for dyeing. Just a few weeks ago I came across a quantity of new damask napkins in the Chrysanthemum pattern and I decided to have a go at transforming them with bright and fresh colourswith Spring and Summer in mind. Nothing like planning ahead!

The sky was so cloudlessly blue at the weekend that I gave up thoughts of shopping in the London sales, and decided instead to get busy taking photos of the 6 new colours. Natural light, even at this time of year, is just perfect and I am lucky that my studio space faces South and gets a good couple of hours before the sun dips beneath the roof of the houses behind.

Here we have them, Fuchsia, Periwinkle, Wisteria, Orange Sorbet, Turquoise and Pistachio.

 I have added them to my shop on Etsy in sets of 4 of a colour so you can mix and match if you like, or choose just one colour if you prefer. I think in all I will have around 8 sets of each colour, so it is very much a Limited Edition.

I can't decide between these 2 colours to go with my pretty 1930s tea set! I suspect it'll be the Orange Sorbet, it just makes the colours pop!

So New Year's resolutions here I come, make cakes, have tea parties, search for linens, I know I will definitely be able to keep the last one. Not so sure about the cakes.....I'm hardly Mary Berry!

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